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information graphic Rose's Rescue has a lot of information to share. 

In addition to our goals of rescuing and re-homing pets in need, we also feel it is important to share knowldege that we believe is relevant to pet owners.  

For general information about Rose's Rescue, please check our page of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you have found a pet or need to rehome one of your own, our Pets You Can't Keep page may be helpful to you.  Many of the suggestions will also be helpful if you have lost a pet.

We also have provided pages on important health issues of Spaying/Neutering, Heartworm Disease, and a somewhat unusual occurance of the canine parvo virus (CPV2) that attacks the heart muscle instead of the more familiar intestinal manifestation.

Our Helpful Resources page has links for all kinds of related goods and services, many of which we have used ourselves or are offered by people who have supported our cause.

We hope you find these pages helpful and educational!